Moments I Never Showed You by Natalia Poniatowska

Posted by Fabio 20 June 2019

Natalia Poniatowska graduated from Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art. She grew up in the industrial realm of the Silesian region in the Southern part of Poland. Her work explores the potential ground that exists between fine art and documentary photography. read more

Studio Feixen

Posted by Fabio 19 June 2019

Studio Feixen is an independent Design Studio based in Lucerne, Switzerland, founded by Felix Pfäffli and Raphael Leutenegger. The studio works internationally with clients like Nike, Google, Hermès, and The New York Times read more

citylikeyou: Interview with Matthias Brown

Posted by Fabio 18 June 2019

Artist and animator Matthias Brown spoke to us about art, creativity, and living and working in Jersey City. Plus a selection of his favourite places.

Read the full interview here


Sofia Pashaei – Family Bond

Posted by Fabio 14 June 2019

Sofia Pashaei is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker, with a focus in stylised graphical imagery and experimental non-linear narratives. Family Bond is a surrealistic tale about the relationship between a child and its mother. Following the family from birth to adulthood. read more

Shane Griffin – Chromatic Pastels

Posted by Fabio 14 June 2019

Chromatic Pastels is a series of vibrant colour diffractions juxtaposed against subtle pastel environments. Inspired by the phenomenon known as diffraction grating, this series explore the natural colour harmony of the colour spectrum. read more

Studio Laucke Siebein

Posted by Fabio 13 June 2019

Dirk Laucke and ­Johanna Siebein offer a wide range of expertise in the field of communication and in the implementation of high-quality design concepts. They have gained international recognition for their communication concepts and their avant-garde design. read more

Oscar Maia

Posted by Fabio 13 June 2019

Oscar Maia is a Communication Designer and Art Director based in the city of Porto, Portugal. Specialised in developing creative strategies applied in print, editorial, branding, and web design projects, today he works on a freelance basis with a wide range of clients dedicated to the cultural and commercial fields. read more

Luke Lorentzen

Posted by Fabio 12 June 2019

Luke Lorentzen is a graduate of Stanford University’s department of Art and Art History. His first film, Santa Cruz del Islote (2014) – a short documentary about a small and densely populated fishing community in Colombia – won awards at over ten international film festivals including the San Francisco International and Chicago International. read more